Connect it to your computer and use it to drive your headphones with an amp or to power your passive speakers (80W x 2 @4Ohm Speakers). Having said that, Apple products are made in China. SMSL AD18: different versions and watts? Keep in mind that it’s still inferior to standard wired solution, but it can be handy if you just want to use the amp for a party with friends. SMSL Audio or Shenszhen ShuangMuSanlin Electronics Co. LTD isn’t a newcomer on the market and I’m sure many have you have heard about them and their products before. The amp itself is smaller and lighter than the power supply, so I was even more eager to test if it really packs as much power as stated by the brand. The SMSL AD18 V3 is the FDA Full Digital Amplifier par excellence. SMSL AD18: different versions and watts? In the event you still need further assurance, write to us via our Contact Form and we'll get back within 2 hours. With a compact design it will bring a high resolution for the music lover who wants to combine compactness and high audio quality. For the nit-pickers and nerdy ones here, I’m giving the specs and technical sheets . level 1. The amp is provided with a Bluetooth antenna, which seems to receive the signal pretty well. Only sell/advertise products or brands that we believe in, Thoroughly research a product/model to save you time and get the most value for your money, Go the extra mile to properly package items for shipping, Rely on reputable courier service (*not necessarily the cheapest), Provide second to none customer service (Lazada/ Shopee gets thousands of visitors a day, we have Only You to focus on), Safeguarding your privacy & offer a seamless user experience on our ecommerce webpage, Ensure all pages and content on TechX are accessed using SSL encryption (*look for the padlock icon on the left side of the address bar...SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, login credentials to be transmitted securely), Your satisfaction! Good product to purchase. Companies generally set prices based on what their customers will pay, not what their costs are. Krell and others also move their facility to China. Available for 7 time less, the amp is already in the hall of fame on most websites, so no need to say I was really curious to hear (and see) if the hype was justified. I thought stuff coming out of China was suppose to have good, cheaper prices? On the top right you can see the type of signal you’re listening, mostly PCM for me, but you can never know if you’re listening to a 24 bits or 16bits. AUX : since the amp can only work with digital signals, even the aux input get an Analog/Digital converter : a CS5341 from Cirrus logic, then the CS8422 takes charge . Buy Now Add to Cart. It’s all plastic and SMSL doesn’t provide the batteries, but it’s still a nice gesture when you take the price in count. Digital inputs The SMSL AD18 uses two different chips for SPDIF and USB inputs. Sort by. How many anxious audiophiles does it take to change a tube? These Op-Amps have been seen in a lot of amps already, like Gustard or even the FiiO E12. This means that, from the input to the output, the signal stays digital, always. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Feliks Audio Elise after midnight, or before midnight, in fact at any time at all. Usually it is mentioned v3.1 or v3, or nothing is specified. SMSL AD18 V3.1 HiFi Digital Power Amplifier (EU) authentic / Bluetooth V4.2 $149.95. With a few pushes, you can switch between all the modes the SMSL AD18 offers : – input selection, USB/Coax/Toslink/Aux/Bluetooth, – Speakers or headphones, it’s a shame the amp doesn’t offer auto switch when you plug your headphone, – Equalizer, 8 modes available but I didn’t use any of them, – Bass and High settings, you can add/lower the level of bass/highs to your test, +/-8dB are available, – Color and dimmer, you can change the background color and dim the light if the screen is too bright for you. And yes I’m gonna keep my iPhone… NFC works pretty much as advertised, you activate the NFC on you phone, you put it on the top of the amp et voila ! I need a new muse to amuse Come here Elise and let me give give you a squeeze. As shown in the diagram below: SMSL AD18 is part of the new generation of FDA Full Digital Amplifier. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There were no annoying de-connections but you can hear a real sound difference between Bluetooth and USB. save hide report. It’s impressive that even on real low volume you get a full and rich sound. Moving to China is done to improve profit, not reduce prices. The fist thing that surprises when you get the SMSL AD18, is how compact it is. I have this wee amp and form music I feed Amazon HD through a Chromecast Audio hooked up via the optical input. I think SMSL AD18 is a very good amplifier as far as my subs are concerned. Full specs Type : Full digital decoding amplifier, Input port : USB/AUX/3.5mm Coaxial and Optical 1/Bluetooth/Optical 2 Output Port : Amplifier output port/3.5mm Headphone port/Subwoofer Output power : 80W x 2 @ 4ohms SNR(Signal to Noise): 90dB THD+N: 0.04% Output consumption: 50W Standby power:0.8w Voltage: 24V EQ adjustment: 7 Headphone output(32ohm): 53mW@THD=0.04% USB sampling rate: 24bit 96kHz Optical sampling rate:44.1kHz-192kHz Coaxial sampling rate:44.1kHz-192kHz Treble adjustment range: ±8db,Bass adjustment range:±8db Net Weight: 572g Gross Weight:1585g Size: 172*51*85mm. I only use the digital inputs because that way you remain in the digital domain and that is where this amplifier performs at it’s best. SMSL AD18 V3.1 80W*2 Bluetooth 4.2 HIFI USB DSP Digital Decoding Power Amplifier. Great review! This means that, from the input to the output, the signal stays digital, always. 92% Upvoted. I'm looking at AD18 and I realised that depending on where it is sold, there are mentions about versions. It uses the high technology TAS5508C and TAS5342 chips using Texas Instrument's Digital Pure Path process. I wish SMSL can beef up their products build quality . I never bought one, rather one of my friend gifted this amplifier for use. For all the others, you can just go to the next page to see how the amp performs. Even from upstairs I could hear the music playing without shuttering. I love that vintage retro vibe in a sleek new package. Sorry, I'm not here at the moment but please leave a message, telling me I've won, and I'll get right back to you, like lightning. | Privacy Policy Again, it’s a small detail and I’m sure there is a meaning behind it, but for me it doesn’t seem logical. You get: – a small LCD screen where all the information is displayed, – a clickable potentio meter which helps you control the amp, – a 3.5mm headphone jack output even if I would have preferred a 6.35mm for home headphones, – and an IR port for the remote. Usually it is mentioned v3.1 or v3, or nothing is specified. This shopping feature will continue … Once you have plugged in the power supply, you just have to push the potentio meter and the screen will boot up. Finishing is very good: the amp is housed in a black, sleek, aluminium case. Good review. The PCB layout is pretty simple once bare, but SMSL is using a bunch of high quality capacitors so this design, if not discret, should last for long. USB : TAS1020B from Texas instruments. 16 comments. The remote controller is a nice surprise, if you plan to use the AD18 for home-theatre purpose or if you’re simply to far, you can adjust the volume without hassle. 1 x SMSL AD18 80W×2 Bluetooth Audio Digital Power Amplifier USB Decoding Amplifier Customers who bought this item also bought. I have an old lovely turntable by pioneer (only issue out the has the gnd component which if not dealt with makes the sound vibrate etc) but rather than use my old Harman Kardon amp I’d like a smsl or similar modern smaller amp – would U recommend this or other models and brands ?

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