Setting up and tuning a pedal steel can be a daunting task without a special tuner designed for pedal steel guitar tuning. Currently, Peterson Connect is only available within the Google Chrome browser. your browser does not support audio element. Get it on the money again and again with StroboSoft. new destination. With that in mind, if you're a musician who plays live gigs, a pedal tuner is definitely the best way to go. your browser does not support audio element. Usually, your OS will play a sound upon connecting. Built-in mute-able active DI with 0-10-20dB pad. For StroboStomp HD, be sure to disconnect instrument cable from the input. Just curious if anyone has tried using a clip-on tuner with a pedal steel and if it worked? Call us at 708-388-3311. If you change the Ship-To country, some or User-programmable for any other tuning. The flaws of Equal temperament reveal themselves primarilly when major or minor thirds are played, and the long sustained tones produced by the pedal steel guitar show up these flaws more than pretty much any other instrument, many players aim and strive to eliminate these flaws by tuning their steels using special cent offsets for each string. Pedal or Lap Steel Guitar Clip On Tuner EASY TO USE: Turn it on, clip it on, set the tuning mode you want and you're ready to tune. Recording studio standard tuning on your PC or Mac, Sweetened Tuning presets for E9, C6, A6 & C13 tunings. Whether you've been playing for years or just picked up your instrument yesterday, a tuner will ensure that every note you hit is perfectly in key. Plug in your Peterson device with a ( micro or mini ) USB cable. Pedal guitar tuners are great for live gigs. The new tuner Plus HD has tunings for open notes and separate tunings for Pedals and 0E9 and OP9 PEDAL STEEL GUITAR SE9: Peterson E9 Pedal Steel Sweetener 1 SE9 SP9: Peterson E9 Pedal and Lever Offsets for SE9 SC6: Peterson C6 Pedal Steel Sweetener SP6: Peterson Pedal … 15% Off Qualifying Purchase of $199+ or Call for Exclusive Offers. This allows you to get in tune right there on the spot without having to disconnect any of your instrument cables. Because the steel guitar is a fretless instrument, it does not need to conform to the same compromises as regular fretted guitar is subjected to. Hey fellows and ladies,Check out this free online tuner..Its got to be one of the neatest things I have ran accross on the internet.. Click on the downloads and you have a choice between a "guitar" or "instrument" tuner..I loaded … These feature a jack input and jack output. Jeff Newman presets for 10 string E9, C6 & 12 string Universal tuning. AWS Guitar Tuner is a simple and free noteplayer. your browser does not support audio element. Your operating system needs to detect and install the USB device before this website can begin communicating with it. We guarantee our products and strive for consistent 100% customer satisfaction. This app will work inline with the Peterson website and does NOT launch independently. Plus Selectable microphone and clip modes. Jeff Newman presets for 10 string E9, C6 & 12 string Universal tuning. By installing the Peterson Connect app for Google Chrome, you will allow the Peterson website to read and write data to Peterson devices through your computer's USB port. Pedal and Lap Steel Clip-On Tuner EASY TO USE: Turn it on, clip it on, set the tuning mode you want and you're ready to tune. Multiple Jeff Newman & Emmons Co. presets for E9, C6 & Universal. Your Peterson products may have additional functionality via Peterson Connect. Parts and accessories for your pedal steel guitars including Sho~Bud, Dekley, MSA, Emmons, and Marlen pedal steel guitars. Since the tuner detects the pitches directly from your instruments' vibrations, ambient room noise will never get in the way. Enhancements: - Version 2: Now has nine alternative tunings including DADGAD/Celtic, open. See which tuners our users recommend for Pedal Steel Guitar. Here are quick links to... GFI Pedal Steel Guitars ... Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars ... To Contact Us - Call 01524 410202 or email for more information ... Go Back to the Guitar Department Home Page. Certain music accessories are more essential than others - take tuners, for example. E. … In fact, this tuner is one of the most recognizable and top-selling stage tuners in the world, and for many reasons. No matter what method you use, an accurate tuner is a necessity. G#. The most common pedal steel guitars have 10 strings, followed by Universal 12 string instruments which purport to offer the same versatility as a double 10 string instrument, 8 stringed instruments were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they are less popular nowadays. Chrome has detected your Peterson USB product and is connecting to the Peterson servers. Free E9 tuner for Pedal Steel Guitar. Simply add them to your existing pedal chain and you're good to go. Explore Peterson Artists who play Pedal Steel Guitar. Central to the pedal steel guitar is its ability to change tunings mid song with the help of foot pedals and knee levers which change the tension on the open strings thereby altering the tuning. All parts are manufactured to OEM specs or … It may then take a few minutes for your computer to install drivers ( first time only ). The terms Virtual Strobe™, Sweeteners™, Sweetened Tunings™ and the linear & concentric strobe patterns are trademarks/registered trademarks of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. GUITARX X9 - Guitar Pedal Tuner Mini - Bypass Chromatic Tuner Pedal with Pitch Calibration and Flat Tuning - Pedal Tuner Bass - Power Supply Required 4.2 out of 5 stars 364 $24.03 $ 24 . Programmable. The first string, if you’re right-handed, is located furthest away from you when sitting behind the steel in the normal playing position, plug your tuner into the steel and select the S-E9 preset. your browser does not support audio element. Made with RealBasic. Offers standard tuning with acoustic-nylon, acoustic-steel, and electric guitar voices. Some players tune “straight up” meaning that the major thirds are sharp and the minor thirds are flat, but most prefer not to forego the sweetness of these intervals and tune them so that they are totally beat-less and consonant. Programmable. restrictions. Selectable Guitar, Bass, Violin and Chromatic modes. Their main advantage is that you can tune-up instantly without having to plug into a different channel. More presets than any other tuner made. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer Mute for silent tuning. It's housed in a body that's built like a tank, features a smooth 21-segment LED meter with a High-Brightness mode and allows you to choose between chromatic and Guitar/Bass tuning modes. Live product support is available Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm CST. There is no need to note any settings or use any charts. Recording your pedal steel? New items purchased from Peterson Tuners direct can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. The leading PSG tuner. 03 $39.99 $39.99 There is a somewhat standard "open" tuning. In order to use the advance features of your Peterson Connect product, you will need to install an additional feature for Google Chrome. With the simple click of a footswitch, a pedal tuner mutes the signal travelling to your amp. Black Friday: Seven days of our lowest prices, New Arrivals: Explore the latest gear and exclusives. Read more and discuss the specifics of tuning Pedal Steel Guitar. Plus Selectable microphone and clip modes. This is a fantastic miniature version of one of the top tuning pedals … © 2020 Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. No part or parts may be copied or reproduced without the express written consent of Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. View other instruments and how they are best tuned with Peterson Strobe Tuners. Typically, pedal tuners are solidly-built to handle countless stomps and contain easy-to-read LED note displays, and the models in this catalog are no exception. Many seasoned professional steel players “tweak” their tuning to improve their sound; we call this “Sweetened Tuning”. Tuning 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar, 8 String Pedal Steel Guitar & 12 String Pedal Steel Guitar Pluck to sound the 1st string and observe the tuner display, check that the note “F#” is displayed. Looking for expert advice and phone-only savings? Some USB cables are only made for charging. Peterson Tuners have been used for many decades to tune the open strings, pedals and levers on pedal steel guitars, they are programmable and already feature several preset tuning settings for steel guitars using accepted systems like those originally devised by Jeff Newman and Emmons for E9, C6 and Universal tuning. all of the items in your cart may not ship to the USB-programmable for any tuning. 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