Fourth, when lifting from the hang, athletes tend to use their arms too much, and that means they are primarily using the upper body to perform the movement. There are many benefits to doing power cleans that can help all athletes as well as weekend warriors and even fitness nuts. 12 Benefits Of The Clean And Press. The Hang Power Clean offers specific benefits for athletes and ambitiously training people, such as. Today I’m going to talk about a really versatile exercise called Hanging Power Cleans. Feet should be about shoulder width apart. Step 4: Bring the weight back to starting position. Step 2: Bend at the knees in a squat like motion allowing the dumbbells to go just past your knees. Step 3: Explode up from the squat position, while simultaneously flipping the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Benefits of Doing Power Cleans. Consequently, the question stands out, why you should do Hang Power Cleans? Hang cleans also give you the opportunity to perform the exercise for higher reps (but still very low, usually from 3-6 reps) and use more glutes via hip extension. If an athlete does both the hang power clean and the power clean from the floor, the excessive arm pull will adversely affect technique in the power clean from the floor. Once this movement is mastered, however, you will surely command respect in the gym as the clean and press does not even look easy. The Hang Clean (video below) is also a pretty popular exercise that is used extensively … Hang Power Clean Benefits. The Clean Pull (from the floor) begins in the same manner as the Clean and Jerk or the Deadlift. How to do Dumbbell Hang Clean: Step 1: Stand with dumbbells at your side. This provides less stress to the back yet keeps all the other benefits of the clean. Regularly performing hang squat cleans is vital to the development of Olympic weightlifting technique and strength capacities, no matter if you are a regular weightlifter, a CrossFitter, or a sports athlete. ... Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be doing 50% BW or more. Improve power clean technique– by honing in on the second pull and catch phase, you can drill or improve technique in these phases of the full power clean. Some people call them hanging clean, cleans from dead hang, etc. 8 Benefits of a CrossFit Hang Squat Clean. in Home Workout,Weight Training. Written by Simeon Cooper. improving your Power Clean technique Why should you do Hang Power Cleans? The kettlebell clean has a bottom position that is the same as a hang clean from the knees. You can use this lift to burn fat at the end of a workout, increase athletic ability, or gain incredible definition in your, back shoulders, and arms. Shoulder/trap development– take a look on YouTube at the top Olympic weightlifters. You won’t find many that don’t have very large trapezius muscles. The Hang Power Clean is a variation of the Power Clean, where the start position is modified.

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