This can be good or bad depending on your preference. It's a name brand name synonymous with a whole type of knife, and for good reason. I don't have an Opinel kitchen but having put their carbon steel #6 through it's paces I suspect it to perform good as long as you care for it. I don't recall the type of steel though I believe they were not made in China. If you're sick of flattening your fruit and veggies, our pick of the best kitchen knives are here to save you from the struggle. If you haven't, don't worry! Includes: #6 or 7 - Small traditional #8 - Most common. Blade. So many choices and so many price points... At Opinel, we like to keep things simple so that you can pick the best knife in total confidence! If you want one of the most rugged, beautiful and effective knives you can carry and you are willing to work for it, Opinels can be turned into amazingly beautiful knives. Greetings you all I was wondering if there are any of you who truely EDC an Opinel? Choosing the right knife can be a tedious task. I'm thinking of EDCing my Opinel nr 7 again with my Alox Soldier as a back up (for the tools, just hard to go without) And it will take a sharp edge with ease from my experience which is quite nice. #9 - Better fit for XL hands (my favorite for EDC) #10 - Big knife (my favorite for backpacking) While other kitchen knives, like serrated knives and butcher knives, have more individualized uses, a good chef's knife can do it all, from slicing … 9 best kitchen knife sets for every budget, ... To avoid rust and to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them, ... Opinel parallèle knives, set of three . The classic Opinel. I have a set of Opinel kitchen knives - wooden handles multiple colors - they are not comparable to the classic folders IMHO. I bought these directly from Opinel. Good fit for L sized hands. I read many positive comments about the Opinel(and very rightly so ), but most of the time the knife is mainly used for kitchen or picnick/BBQ duties. In this article I'll explain what Opinel is and give you 5 reasons why it makes a gre We put together this guide to share basic knowledge … If you are into knives, it's pretty likely you've heard of (and probably seen pictures of) the Opinel. My wife, who has had her Opinel going … If you so wish, you can order a knife with colored beechwood handles: blue, red, green, brown, or black. Opinel offers 2 flavors for the blade type: carbon steel or stainless. Opinel Knife Guide We get it!

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